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The Meaning of the Ruck to Remember

The Ruck to Remember is a meaningful movement, a movement within a movement. Helping Civilians, Veterans and Active Duty come together, cementing bonds that not only connect the community to its Veterans, but also the movement is a vehicle for Veterans to find a sense of camaraderie and bonds that are only felt through sacrifice. 
Additionally, the Ruck to Remember is a fundraising event that
raises funds to support the Honor Movement Foundation’s Programs of Impact, which directly affect and serve those that serve us! 

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Ruck to remember

How to Participate in the Ruck to Remember

Join The Ruck to Remember Memorial Day Weekend

Support the 2023 Ruck to Remember Fundraising Campaign

Even if you can’t participate in the Ruck to Remember,
you can support the Movement by donating to team members. 

Already Registered? Learn How to Prepare!

Our guide will help you get mentally and physically ready for anything that comes your way, so you can face it head-on with honor and pride. Don’t wait, visit our guide today and start preparing like a pro.