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Serving Those Who Serve US

The Honor Movement Foundation’s direct mission is to provide direct, expedited support to families of the fallen and injured military veterans and first responders and their families in a critical time of need through financial support, logistics, education, and missions of empowerment.

We are committed to honoring and supporting the active-duty military, veterans, and first responders and their families to provide an improved quality of life for those who have sacrificed for our country, ultimately, Moving them with Honor toward a path of recovery and better quality of life.

A movement within a movement

We refer to the Honor Movement as a “movement within a movement” because:

Be Part of The Movement

The Honor Movement Foundation supports families of the fallen with expedited resources to aid and comfort them in their time of need or transition.


Donations are crucial to support the mission of providing expedited resources to comfort and aid families of the fallen or injured.
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Participating in fundraising events connects you with a community of like-minded individuals and contributes to a noble cause.


HMF has many programs that move those who served our Country to a path of recovery, camaraderie, and a better quality of life.