Programs of Impact

Serving Those Who Serve Us

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Operation Clear Path (OCP)

Moving Veterans & First Responders Operational & logistical support during critical times of need to seek medical and or psychological support with PTS, Depression, Addiction, and or Financial assistance to Active-duty military, Veterans, and first responders and their families in times of transition, crisis, or healing.
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Transition Assistance Career Counseling accomplished through educational grants, mentorships, and advisement.

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Joint OPS

The Honor Movement Foundation partners with and provided financial support to other 501(c)(3) designated non-profit organizations that share our vision of supporting Veterans' & First Responders’ causes in a path to move and recover from those wounds, mental and physical received in their honorable service.
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A Community of Ambassadors that are trained, certified, and in place across the nation to assist in OCP. The Honor Guardians are made up of Veterans, First Responders, and Civilians that take a lead in their community on the path of healing and or recovery.

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Summit to Valor

Strengthen, and rebuild leaders through expeditions that teach resiliency, teamwork and empowerment, motivate the mind to change adapt and overcome.

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