The Honor Movement Foundation supports Active-Duty, Veterans, First Responders, and their families during critical times with expedited resources to aid and comfort them in their time of need, healing, or transition. 

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The Honor Movement Foundation - Serving Those Who Serve Us

Financial help for veterans and their families

Many don’t realize what a veteran or first responder witnesses first-hand. The traumas of the profession drive them to a dark place, if not worse, the unseen injuries affecting their psychology, well-being, and overall ability to survive.

Military and first responders and their families are often in crisis, with everything from an immediate loss of income, paying bills and dealing with severe injury or death. Longer-term issues include mental health issues that impact their everyday life.

How you can make a direct impact

The Honor Movement Foundation channels direct financial help to veterans and their families. We do this through individual and corporate donations and sponsorships as well as through registration and meaningful participation in our annual events that help raise funds and awareness of the sacrifices made, connecting first responders and veterans with their community, which in the fold, creates a more extensive support network.

All donations and support allow us to assist veterans, first responders, and military families with emergency needs in that critical 30- to 60-day window after a loved one is killed or injured. We’re also able to act quickly to facilitate access to partner resources. Here’s more about what we do.


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Are you interested in becoming part of the Honor Movement? We have many volunteer opportunities! From supporting the Ruck to Remember on Memorial Day weekend to being a Regional Honor Guard to help facilitate support to our Veterans & First Responders.

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Families of the Fallen

The Honor Movement Foundation channels direct financial help to veterans and their families. We can only do this with much-needed contributions from private donors and corporate sponsorships. Corporate sponsorships help fund programs and events throughout the year that help numerous families in transition during critical times.