what we do

How we help military families, veterans and first responders

The Honor Movement Foundation aims to meet the emergency financial needs of military families after a loved one is injured or killed in the line of duty. We also provide a wide range of services and support to meet the ongoing needs of veterans, first responders, and families of those who have served.

Facilitating operational and logistical support

During critical times of need, we connect those in need with medical or psychological support for PTSD, depression, and addiction.

Providing financial assistance

To active-duty military, veterans, and first responders and their families in times of peril.

Setting up temporary housing

In support of extended family members during recovery from injury and or healing.

Offering transition and career assistance

Accomplished through educational grants, mentorships, and advisement.

Affecting U.S. policy and legislation

To increase benefits and support to the veteran and first responder communities.

Providing financial support to other 501(c)3s

Supporting designated nonprofit organizations who share our vision of supporting similar causes of veterans and first responders.