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Ruck to remember

The Final Miles event is a humbling and emotionally charged walk that is the capstone of the weekend’s Ruck to Remember.  The Final Miles begins at Sunrise on Monday Memorial Day morning, this is a low-intense movement with participants ages ranging from 2 years old to 92 years old, in addition, amputees and other injured Veterans.

It has been said, there is no better way to spend Memorial Day morning than to take the walk, this humbling journey goes beyond the 6 mile walk.  All participants will learn and reflect at each of the National War Memorial like you have never seen them before as you ruck to remember what Memorial Day means. Once the teams are through the War Memorials – the Final Movement is one that will bring chills to every participant. You will remember the rest of your life.

The Final Movement brings all the teams together and moves together as one unit, led by Flags,Drums and Bagpipes. This movement culminates back at Arlington National Cemetery and is complete around 11:30 am on Monday Memorial Day morning.  It is here participants are encouraged to take the walk into Arlington National Cemetery, completing that final walk, and placing the coins provided as well as the rose provided by ANC on a Fallen Service Members headstone.  Saying their name and honoring them Memorial Day morning.

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How to Participate in the Ruck to Remember

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The Purpose of Ruck to Remember

The Ruck to Remember is a meaningful movement, a movement within a movement. Helping Civilians, Veterans and Active Duty come together, cementing bonds that not only connect the community to its Veterans, but also the movement is a vehicle for Veterans to find a sense of camaraderie and bonds that are only felt through sacrifice. 
Additionally, the Ruck to Remember is a fundraising event that
raises funds to support the Honor Movement Foundation’s Programs of Impact, which directly affect and serve those that serve us! 
Even if you can’t participate physically in the Ruck to Remember you can support the Movement within a Movement by donating  

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